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Spin Media is an entertainment business comprising of recorded music, live events, fashion, mobile, radio and TV. We continuously invest in our communications, making our brand livelier and more appealing and as a result we represent the heartbeat of a generation of music fans interested in urban music and lifestyle choices spanning across Finland.SpinFM is an iconic youth brand that has never stopped in the pursuit of providing innovation and a desire to break new ground. We continue to successfully hit the mark to a young target audience, reaching out to the 15-35 hard-to-reach consumers, were dedicated to the music and lifestyle of our audience and in turn design our music policy to unite listeners around their passions more than any radio station in Finland. Our audiences are characterised by the emotional connection they make with today’s urban music, our presenters and everyday life.By moving from a business model based on 4 years experience as a radio station to a model that shifts the focus to lifestyle, we are committed to sharing our knowledge transparently and are able to provide partners with an array of know how, that is unique to radio advertising and cross media campaigns. This transition means that we are able to support partners locally and nationally build a strong brand strategy and a sustainable identity with our listener’s .

About Us

SpinFM radio operates 24 hours a day and is transmitted on FM frequency in Helsinki Metropolitan area and of course online world wide.

30,000 visitors use SpinFM web page weekly, average time spent on the page is 20 minutes. The SpinFM network reaches over 1. million listeners.

Spin media reaches estimate 100,000 a week


Spin TV delivers high quality productions from interviews, music and youth culture around the world.

Our Social Network

Using our website and connecting Facebook, Twitter, YouTube, Blogs and RSS Feeds we stay in stay in touch with all things in the music community and keep in touch our online audience. Our selection of sites is a place for users to discover new music releases, remixes, music related bulletins, news, SPIN charts, events, mixtapes downloads and DJ Blogs.