Toca Toca

Spin FM is pleased to offer a new and exciting weekly radio show called: “Toca-Toca”!
The original Idea of creating this Show came from Deejay The Last who wanted to touch listeners’ hearts with his music. “Toca” is a latin term which means for touching/performing or playing – this is where from the name for this Show was generated from.

Live weekly “Toca-Toca” Show hosted by Deejay The Last will take you right from where you are into the World of Music! This Show is especially made for Reggaeton, R’n’B and Dancehall Music Lovers who want to explore the diverse World of Music!

An hour-long “Toca-Toca” Show will be featuring some surprise interviews with various inspirational Artists and will offer its listeners everything from the oldest recordings in Reggaeton, R’n’B and Dancehall Music up to the newest releases of all times. This show focuses on providing its listeners with unforgettable music sounds and a great mood for the rest of the night!

Tun Up!

Stay tuned Every Monday from 8pm-9pm!

The Joint

Dj Nestar spins hot records and delivers heat every Wednesday from 8:30-10 pm. This show will get you on the party mode so stay tuned!!